Our Cows

Goudhaara breeds Indian Cows which are known for producing nutritious milk, which helps us to protect from several diseases. In India, Gir Cow is popular for its unmatched characteristics and quality. It is considered among the one of the best cow breed famous for its milk producing qualities and heavy build.

Close to Nature

GouDhaara Buffalo Milk is naturally produced without use of growth hormone injections or antibiotics. Our buffalos are fed with natural fodder and cattle feed without chemical or animal ingredients.

A2 Gir Cow milk near me

Why Gir Cow

We choose Gir Cow Breed because of following benefits.

  • It becomes the best breed in producing nutritious milk as well as more milk production.
  • In addition to high milk production, it is also known for its heavy build, distinctive appearance and docile temperament.
  • This cow breed comprises a good resistance to diseases and not susceptible to any infection. We normally fed with green jowar, green grass, dry fodder, Bajra straw, etc. Hence, maintain this breed is less complicated compared to other cross breeds.

Why Cow is known as Our Mother

In India as well as in many Asian countries, Cow is known as a sacred animal. Cow is the only animal on the earth, which is known as mother as she blesses people with its most nutritive milk and other products. Even dung of cow used as a fuel in many villages of India even in present time. Cow Milk, Cow Ghee, Yogurt as well as other dairy products made from cow milk is considered very healthy and nutritive. Habiting cow’s milk and cow’s ghee in your day-to-day diet keeps you healthy and improve your immunity strength. Even cow’s urine is also used to cure many diseases in Ayurveda. The cow has superior characteristics such as patience, tolerance and calmness as well as several other qualities and hence, people in India worship it every day and take her blesses on special occasions as well as festivals.