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Have a healthy start with Farm Fresh A2 desi cow and unprocessed buffalo milk for wholesome, nutritious milk. Our practices of feeding the cattle with self-cultivated grass, chemical-free fodder, no hormones, and glass bottle packing keeps the milk the way it is meant to be.

GouDhaara Farms breeds Desi cows producing organic farm fresh A2 milk. GouDhaara believes in natural farming where cattle are free grazed, fed self-cultivated grass and fodder. Being into Poultry farming from past 40 years, we have grown a passion towards organic way of cattle farming. After releasing the need for organic farm fresh milk around households, we extended our passion towards supplying milk at the doorsteps of health enthusiasts..

Its an interesting story to share How GouDhaara Farms got its name. After many years of cattle farming for domestic use, we got enquiries from our neighbours to supply milk from our farm as they very well know about our farming practices. Within a month we could sell good amount of milk among our community. We realized the need for the organic farm fresh milk around urban household was immense and wanted to dedicate our passion for cattle farming to as many as households possible. “Henceforth we felt the name GouDhaarawould be apt”. As our mission is to extend our service of suppling cow’s (Gou) milk like Dhaara (infinite flow). And we aim to last GouDhaara for generations to come like infinite Dhaara contributing to healthy lifestyles in community.

Goudhaara farms karyalay,
Road.no 12, Banjara hills,
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